Is investing in stock market  is safe?

Slight movements can mean big profits

Its is basic question raise in mind for all time when you start the investment in stock market. Its depend on your trading strategies to earn money. Because people are started investing and they doesn’t know which share is profitable then they get loss from investing.

Stock market give maximum returns becuase there is no limit for profit booking but yes there is limit for loss booking.

So investing in stock market has long been the main method for investor to preserve purchasing power and to accumulate wealth. it also comes with significant risk. Stock prices are more volatile than prices of other assets like real estate and bonds. So when it comes to stock investing, it is important to take a long-term view as short-term results may vary.

If you decide to invest in the stock market, you should figure out a personal investment plan. You should ask yourself some key questions:

How much money can you reasonably invest?

What asset classes (stocks, bonds, etc) do you want to invest in?

When do you need the money from your investments? Is it long term (10, 20, 30+ years), or short term?

Once you’ve decided these, you can pick specific investments. If you’re new to this, your best option is probably ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), which help you diversify your portfolio without having to develop expertise in specific sectors and companies.

Then, you can fund your investing account every time you have some new savings.

However, if your goal is to begin “day-trading” – buying and selling stocks relatively quickly to turn a profit – I would advise caution. Day trading should be treated like a job, and requires a lot of time and expertise to be successful. If you’re missing one of these, day trading may not be right for you.

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